Knock Knees Treatment Sydney

If your child has reached the age of 5 or 6 and their knees are still touching when standing straight, they may have a condition known as "knock knees" or Genu Valgum. Below this age, knock knees is generally caused by the positioning of the legs in the womb and will straighten as the child grows.

The most obvious sign of knock knees is the presence of an abnormally large gap between the feet and ankles of the left and right leg when standing with the knees together. Other signs include knee pain and difficulty walking. Children with knock knees tend to also have flat feet and pronation of the feet, so it's very important that you bring your child to see one of our podiatrists to avoid future problems as a result.

Treatment involves the use of custom orthotics and physical therapy to realign and strengthen the knees. Braces, strapping or surgery may be required if initial treatments fail.

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