Podiatry Diabetic Foot Assessments Sydney

Poorly controlled diabetes can cause serious problems in the feet and lower legs, including ulcers and infections which, in a worst case scenario, can lead to amputation. Elevated sugar levels in the blood lead to two complications that cause these problems - peripheral arterial disease (damaged blood vessels) and peripheral neuropathy (damaged nerves).

The assessment involves assessing the following factors:

  • Measurement of foot pulses
  • Sensation Testing with 10g Monofilament device
  • Vibration perception tests
  • Foot temperature testing
  • Assessing skin colour, texture and integrity.
  • Reflexes

A diabetic foot assessment involves your podiatrist performing a foot screening or 'neurovascular assessment.' This will assess the state of blood vessels and nerves in the feet. During this screening, your podiatrist will also look for problems that could lead to ulcers and infections. If any serious issues are identified, you will be referred on for further testing.

If you have poor diabetic control or are experiencing problems with your feet unrelated to your diabetes, you will need to see our podiatrists regularly. We recommend that those with well maintained diabetes and no current podiatric problems undergo a foot screening at least once a year.

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