Osgood Schlatters Treatment Sydney

Osgood Schlatters Disease disease/condition is caused by repetitive stress or tension on the insertion site of the quadriceps muscles on to the tibial tubercle (Bump on upper shin bone) apophysis (growth plate).  It is characterised by inflammation of the patella tendon and surrounding tissues at the point where the tendon attaches to the tibia.

It is similar biomechanically to Sever's disease but occurs at the tibial tuberosity instead of the heel bone in children, mainly boys, aged 10-16 years of age.  Pain can be extreme in cases making it difficult for your child to sit and walk. It usually worsens with activity and is commonly seen in children who participate in sports that include frequent running and jumping like netball, basketball and tennis as these sports involve a lot of frequent stopping, jumping and turning.

Symptoms include pain and swelling over the tuberosity, weakness in the quadriceps muscle group and in most cases a visible exaggerated lump at the tibial tubercle or base of patella.  In severe cases, the condition can result in an avulsion or even detachment of the tendon from the tuberosity.

Treatment involves fitting of an orthotic and the use of strapping to reduce tractional pull and tension of the tendon during sport or activity.  Some children are required to refrain from for a couple of weeks to promote healing.

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