Toe Walking Causes & Treatment

Toe walking is fairly common in young children just learning to walk and is almost always outgrown, however, if toe walking continues at 6 years old, you will need to consult with one of our expert podiatrists. Toe walking past this age has been linked to autism, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

As toe walking is caused by a short Achilles tendon or a spastic muscle, treatment typically involves casting or braces to stretch the tendons and force correct walking. Botox therapy can be used to reduce opposition from other muscles. In severe cases, tendons can be lengthened using surgery. Toe walking can cause stiff muscles, uncoordination, a waddling gait and slow development of motor skills.

If you're concerned that your child is suffering from toe walking, visit us at our Bankstown or Riverstone clinics for a friendly consultation with one of our experienced podiatrists.

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